At present, I’m finding my millennial brethren life-crisising all over the place. Words like: manifest, envision, vision board, freedom, financial
  I tap into my spirituality when kite-surfing. For those of you who know me, the ocean and I are
Message from Viv, August 7th, 2016, 8:51am How about once a week, at least, we write each other 3 words
Ode This is for all the ghetto girls who spent afternoons gazing out barred windows and who dreamed to be
It's been easy to allow other people's assumptions, opinions and narratives dictate how I respond to life in my body,
    At first, it was difficult to sleep peacefully through the night. I grew consumed with the voices of
I have much for which to be grateful. Had I never meant it before, nothing like a dirty back pack,
  If you're planning to go on a lengthy excursion about the earth somewhere, do yourself a favor by packing