About Miss Harmon


About Me

With over ten years of teaching experience across three continents, my teacher tool kit is amply full of too much to keep to myself. My students, ages ranging between 4-56 years old, have all given me stories to rant on for days. They’ve also given me the incentive to learn more about how better to get information off the board and into their heads. More importantly, teaching offers an opportunity for exponential influence. So no matter the content area, I promote empathy, compassion and inquiry in everything that I do. I want all my students to be critical thinkers and healthy global citizens.

And though all people are people, and I mean that in every way, I can’t help but notice how students (little and big) who look like me suffer greatly across this globe for lack of resources and advocacy on their behalf. Black Students Matter, and it’s my duty to offer whatever services I can to empower black students, black parents, and the educators of

 black children in academic systems spanning across the globe that fail to serve them fairly.


I travel… a lot. I’m not quite sure if I would call myself wanderlustFULL. Locations don’t really matter to me as much as experiences do. A funky South African psychic once said to me that she could see that I was the type of person who just likes to pull back the curtains, open doors and peek at the unseen.  Let’s just say I’m a curious observer who’s taking note of what I find along my own personal journey.